Website Content Creation

Setting up a website for your business is fantastic…actually I should add, fantastically necessary! It is not only a great additional contact point between you and your existing customers, but it is a means by which you can reach out and put your message in front of an exponentially larger number of potential customers…And a fundamental reason why you should have a website (or some sort of web presence) is that your competitors have one (or they are managing their online strategies better), and the simple truth is that this makes them more relevant in today’s commercial environment.

At this point I will assume that you either have an existing website or recognize the necessity of having one. The challenge from here is to “feed” it! Yep…literally give it substance so that it can live and thrive. And as I’ve mentioned that can be challenging.

You need to fill your website with relevant, rich, and compelling content. This has the dual function of giving your website relevancy in the eyes of the search engines, and also making it authoritative and relevant to your visitors. Gone are the days when you can publish a simple one or two page website and expect anyone to take any notice.

I’ll be honest here…creating content for a website can be tedious. It is part art-form and part pure grunt work. “Art” in knowing the right message to convey, the right structuring of the page, and the right manipulation of keywords to make it appealing to the search engines as well as your customers. The “grunt” comes in when you realize that all of this content needs to be constructed from square one, and it can be slow going.

Sometimes this initial “burst” of content creation is all a website will need to make it convert well in terms of converting prospects into customers, and also give you a good positioning in the search engine rankings. Other times however, depending on your industry and the level of competition, your website needs to be “fed” on an on-going basis to keep it relevant, compelling, and competitive.

The service that I offer is to create content, which can be written, video, or images (or preferably a combination of these things), either for the one off creation of a website (which is a part of my website creation service), or as on-going fuel for your website, or even rewriting or providing content for your already existing website. I can create content on a weekly basis, a monthly basis, or just here-and-there on a intermittent basis.

There are countless variables involved in creating, ranking, and maintaining a successful website. Many of these variables are out of our control, but one thing is certain…a supply of relevant, rich, and compelling content for your your website will give your website authority and relevancy to both the search engines and to your visitors…and that is key to successful websites!

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