Online Video Marketing

Many people shy away when they hear the words “online video marketing”. Perhaps it’s the thought of being the star attraction in a web video that will blast across the Internet that puts SOME people off (I say “some” people because I’ve met plenty who love the idea!) However the types of videos I’m talking about, and produce, are short, zippy, marketing showcases that don’t have to feature YOU at all (although they can :-))

They can be a mixture of images, video, and text relating to your business, that you provide, or they can be a series of professional images that I can source for you. Either way you end up with a fantastic, targeted, and compelling web video that will entice potential customers to take action.

The killer features of my videos

  • They are short and concise.
  • Professional and compelling.
  • Can include a “call to action”.
  • Can highlight your business, products, and/or services fantastically well.
  • These videos can serve a “dual purpose”.
  • They can be “branded” with your logo.
  • Offer a fantastic “bang for your buck”.
Here are a couple
example videos
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Why you should consider using video

Great way to instantaneously enhance your website.
People connect with video better.
A visual representation can “grab” a website visitor’s attention better than any other technique.
Can be used to promote your business via your website, or by many of the online video sharing sites.

… So, online video marketing works!

… but how can I make it work for you?

The online video marketing services that I offer are twofold

  1. I can create a web video based on the images and video that you give me, or I can source a series of professional images relating to your business, and can format it as a web friendly file that can be used on your website (or anywhere you wish…it would be yours!)
  2. The second part of my video marketing service is that I can take this web video, optimize it, and publish it across a series of powerful online video websites (The daddy of them all of course…You Tube).
  3. Actually, let make the list of service threefold…many people will already have videos relating to their business. These could be “how-to” videos, product descriptions etc etc, but they aren’t sure how to optimize and format them for effective online distribution. Let me do this for you.

These online video marketing services work brilliantly well together but can be purchased as separate items. So if all you want are a few videos for your website…no problem.

The distribution part of my service serves two purposes. First, is that people will find your website (thus your goods and services) through a much broader search “net”. Simply, it creates more avenues for people to find you.

And secondly, when your  video is published on an online video website, it creates what is known as a “backlink”. Essentially this is a link pointing to your website from another site. More backlinks pointing to your site increases the relevance of your website in the eyes of the search engines (who are we kidding, we’re talking about Google here). This in turn is what will push your website up in the search engine rankings…powerful stuff!

Online video marketing is increasingly important in today’s Internet landscape. It’s effective, affordable, and extremely important.

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