Effective Website Development

Let me get something off my chest from the get-go…I don’t do fancy websites! I don’t do flashy, bells and whistles, singing, dancing websites. These types of websites typically rely on the “Flash” multimedia platform that is designed to add movement (amongst other things) to a website.

The problem with Flash is that the search engines have a hard time separating the real content from  the images and animated components associated with these websites. “What does that mean exactly” I hear you ask…

…It means that the search engines find it difficult to figure out exactly what this type of website is about. How do we place this website in our search rankings and for what search terms do we consider?

That’s not to say that these types of websites don’t work, but in my experience they work best for established, highly recognized “brands” that can rely on their one million backlinks, and not so much on their on-page search engine optimization (SEO). And they can cost a packet! It’s not unusual to hear of web design budgets of tens-of-thousands and even hundreds-of-thousands of dollars for a complicated, fully featured, brilliantly designed, Flash based website.

No…my websites are the meat and potatoes kind. And more specifically, they are designed and built with the goal of generating leads for your business. I like to think of them as a “lead generator”, and they are designed to guide your visitor to TAKE ACTION, whether that be to call you, contact you online, or to leave you their details for follow-up. This is commonly known as a “call to action”.

They are attractive, functional, effective, versatile, and most importantly, search engine friendly! Quite simply…They work!

Need an example?…Well this website you’re at right now is one.

What can my websites offer you?

  • Search engine friendly.
  • Visitor friendly.
  • Clear, researched, well written content that encourages a visitor to take action.
  • Video and professional imagery to enhance your message.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • Ability to easily track the actions of your visitors.

What you get with my website development services

  • A choice of a 3, 5, or 10 page website, including content pages, “about”, and “contact”, (or more if you want).
  • Customized header graphic.
  • Customized video.
  • Professional imagery where appropriate.
  • A training period to get you (or a staff member) up to speed with how to maintain the website.
  • A period of on-going support for those moments where you need my help with site maintenance.
  • You get the transfer and ownership of the website domain name.

And, although there are occasions where I do set-up HTML sites, I almost exclusively use the WordPress platform to develop websites. This is because the software is free, easy for a website owner to learn, dynamic, and VERY importantly, Google LOVES WordPress websites.

How do I host my site?

I can offer hosting on a choice of hosting servers for a small monthly fee, or I can transfer the website to a host of your choice.

How do I maintain my website once it has been developed?

I offer a period of training, for you or a staff member, to get to grips with WordPress and the related functions of maintaining a website (adding content, pages, post, images, video, etc). Or for a small monthly fee I can handle the maintenance for you.

I do offer a more fully featured service for maintaining a website, which includes researching and writing articles and keeping regular publishing times, as well as other content creation and publishing to your website.

…Great, is that it?

OK…I think I’ve covered just about everything…

…Oh, just one more thought springs to mind…If I was a clothes designer, I would like to think of my websites as being made of hard-wearing denim as opposed to the silk of the big-budget, Flash-based websites…I know what type works for local business!

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