Internet Marketing Services That I Offer To Local Business

Most local business owners are great at being just that…local business owners! They sell great products, they offer fantastic services, they maintain their expertise, and they do a great job at satisfying their customers.

However, from what I’ve seen (and yes, through my own experience) these small business owners start spreading themselves fairly thin once they start handling their own books, organizing their own advertising, maintaining their own website, handling all their own promotion, keeping up-to-date with their competition, and all this on top of what actually keeps them in business…running the actual “tools” of their business!

It’s easy to see why so many small businesses don’t survive past five years. And it’s easy to see why so many established small businesses struggle with all these ancillary aspects of running their business.

Let me take some of the load…

My expertise is in creating a well rounded, authoritative, and compelling Internet presence. I have the nous, the tools, the strategies, and yes, even a few good “tricks” up my sleeve to make your online marketing work for you and your business.

My Internet Marketing Services:

Mobile Marketing For Local Business

Website?…Check. Email List?…Check. Facebook Fan Page?…Check. Great stuff! These things are fundamentally important in building your online presence, and because you’ve already got these things in place obviously this importance isn’t lost on you (…you have got these things in place haven’t you?… 😉 ) There is however, an important piece to the puzzle that […]

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Google Places For Local Business

Google Places are a series of web pages (or business listings) that Google has gone ahead and created for virtually every place that you can think of (in the entire WORLD!) There are Google Place Pages for EVERYTHING including individual business, points of interest, public stations, landmarks, towns, cities, and so on. The purpose of […]

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Although I offer various individual internet marketing components such as article marketing and online video marketing, it is when all of these individual components are combined and coordinated that the rubber really hits the road. This systematic and coordinated process in commonly know as Search Engine Optimization or SEO (also sometimes called search engine marketing […]

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Article Marketing

For those who might not be aware of the strategy of article marketing let me explain the actual mechanics of it: An article is written with the aim of promoting your website in some way. It may be to promote your website directly, it may be written about a product (or service) that you sell […]

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Website Content Creation

Setting up a website for your business is fantastic…actually I should add, fantastically necessary! It is not only a great additional contact point between you and your existing customers, but it is a means by which you can reach out and put your message in front of an exponentially larger number of potential customers…And a […]

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Email Marketing: Effective, Valuable, Automatic

Let me run through a scenario with you….Someone reaches your website, reads about the products or services you are offering, is in the market for these, but for whatever reason they are not ready to make a buying decision right there and then. At this stage the only options your visitor has is to bookmark […]

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Effective Website Development

Let me get something off my chest from the get-go…I don’t do fancy websites! I don’t do flashy, bells and whistles, singing, dancing websites. These types of websites typically rely on the “Flash” multimedia platform that is designed to add movement (amongst other things) to a website. The problem with Flash is that the search […]

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Facebook Fan Pages

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that you’ve heard of Facebook…It’s just a little ‘ol social networking website that has been slowly building a steady list of subscribers. Nothing really to write home about…just a measly 500 MILLION USERS or thereabouts. OK, so the truth is that in terms of […]

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Online Video Marketing

Many people shy away when they hear the words “online video marketing”. Perhaps it’s the thought of being the star attraction in a web video that will blast across the Internet that puts SOME people off (I say “some” people because I’ve met plenty who love the idea!) However the types of videos I’m talking […]

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